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Your new favorite way to gift.

Meet Snazzli, a revolutionary new tool that allows you to design and launch your own line of gift boxes --- without having to worrying about traditional business logistics. 

✨Reserve Your Box. Pay Later. Cancel Anytime.


When you design a box with us, you get to do things your way. Snazzli puts the creative power in your hands by giving you 100% control when creating your box, meaning you can design any gift box ideas you may have down to the slightest details. 

Mailing Box by Creatsy (22) copy_edited.jpg

How it works.

1. Customize your box's packaging, and include optional extras to enhance the unboxing experience.

2. Curate which gifts to include in the box, and choose from our database of over 100 ethically sourced products.

3. Publish your box onto our website.  Every time someone orders one of your boxes, you receive a commission. 

The Packaging 

Stunning Packaging

When you design a box with Snazzli, every detail of the packaging is up to you. We know how important the packaging of a product can be when it comes to building a box that impresses people, so we offer a variety of different colors, designs, and packaging inserts like confetti and candy. (9).gif
Mailing Box by Creatsy (8) copy_edited.jpg

The Gifts

Filled to the Brim

The amount of gifts you include in the box is up. to you. When you design a Snazzli Box, you are given 10 tokens, which can be used to fill up your box with different items. Some items are more valuable than others. It's your choice if you want to fill your box to the brim with smaller items or pack it with bigger ones.

The Assembly 

Tons of Options

It's hard to build a unique gift box when you are given only ten gift options to choose from. Because Snazzli offers over 200 gift options to users looking to create their gift box line, every single box is bound to be different. 

Mailing Box by Creatsy (26) copy_edited.jpg

People Before Profits.

We place priority on sourcing products from women-owned, minority-owned, and environmentally sustainable companies.

We aim to be completely transparent with details about where our products come from. 

We aim to be completely transparent with details about where our products come from. 

We working on creating an only course to help our new Snazzli Sellers get the best results using our Site.

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